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General membership Meeting Thursday Jan. 17 at 7:00 p.m. Please plan to attend and find out what is happening at YOUR Club.

2018 dues are now being accepted. Must be paid by December 31.



  It?s that time of year once again, Washington Sportsmen?s Assoc. regular dues is due before December 31, 2018 to continue your membership for 2019.


Rates are unchanged at:


Adult - $70.00

Senior ? age 70 now or in 2018 - $45.00

Spouse - $20.00

Junior ? under age 18 - $0.00


Please be on time, the Bylaws state I must charge the Initiation fee of $70.00 for late payments.        Access Cards will be deactivated if payment is not received.


Any Junior member on the roster now that will turn 18 in 2019 automatically becomes an Adult member and does not have to pay the Initiation Fee to continue membership. Adults ? get your Juniors signed up now to avoid Guest fees for them.


You can mail it to the address below or drop it in the safe at the club, I?ll get it either way.

The club is open to the public for Trap and Skeet Shooting  April 1st to October 31st on Thursdays from 4 to 7PM. .

FYI: we don't guarantee during winter months Nov 1st- March 31st. If people are there, you're welcome to shoot.

Pistol ranges are for members only or guests accompanied by a member.




Dues for 2018 will remain unchanged at the following rates:

Life = $0

Adult (age 18 to 69) = $70

Senior (age 70+) = $45

Spouse (with Adult) = $20

Junior (age 12 to 17) = $0


Re-Initiation/Activation Fee for payments after Dec 31, 2016:

Adult = $70

Senior = $45

* Any member who does not pay his/her dues by Dec. 31 will have their access card de-activated and it will not be reinstated until dues plus a new initiation fee is paid.


Adults ? please don?t forget to renew your spouses. If not they become a guest and are subject to guest shooting fees of $5 per visit.

Any Adult turning age 70 in 2018 is considered a Senior and only pays $45 dues. Let me know at time of payment please.

Any Junior turning age 18 in 2019 is considered an Adult and is subject to the $70 annual dues if membership is desired to continue. This member need not submit an application (assuming I already have one) and pay the initiation fee if membership is upgraded and continued. An access card will be issued to the new Adult member upon contacting me and for the usual $10 card fee.

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